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KHC is a design and build company that creates advanced composite products Lines

KHC has manufactured products which using in industry Class for all around the world’s customers. Our comprehensive Technology, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing and Finishing services have the capability to produce finished products into very complex configurations that covers all customer requirements. In fact, in just over 10 – years we have designed, produced and assembled nearly 1 million parts, for our customers. With that level of experience you can be sure KHC can deliver your project on-time, on-budget and on-spec no matter how challenging it may be.

KHC Customers Satisfaction

Delivering First Class Product and Services

We use first class brand which have the world highest technology in all our procedure. We are Combining them with our knowledge in several fields like composites, Mechanics, electronic etc. now just adding them our experts in designing, manufacturing, installation, running and testing. these are making easy to estimate the result for any one and this makes us a trustworthy brand for our customer.
you can find below some of brand which are widely use in KHC products and services. due to customer requirement they will be change or adjustable.


The International Standards Organizations like ISO, DIN, ASTM, ANSI, ASME, BSI ans AWWA have published product standards for GRP-pipes and corresponding test methods. Common to all of the product standards is that they are performance based documents. This means that the required performance and testing of the pipe is specified, rather than structural parameters and manufacturing processes.

The standards consisted of design, products procedure and testing methods that Cover the Pipe properties like raw material, diameter ranges, Length, pressure classes, stiffness class, fix and flexible joints, chemical and physical properties like hydro static Design base, corrosion test etc.


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