Stiffness Test Machine


Stiffness Test Machine designed for performed stiffness tests on pipe samples according to all major international standards. Stiffness Tensile Machine able to perform the test on pipe sample parts in all diameter size, 0.4 meter length and up to 10000 pascal external pressure. This is one of the most important Quality control Test for all diameter.

Process Explanation:

The pipe sample is rolling on supports to be enter on test Machine. it is inserting between plates. and pressing procedure starting to determine stiffness of pipe sample. After the test pipe sample is releasing from the plates.

Every testing result consist of time and force detail, date of testing, pipe sample details, series and result of test will be archive on machine with exportable format.


Stiffness Tensile Machine is PLC base fully automated machine. The test can be easily adjust and check on the Control panel and measurement equipment, which is also part of the machine.

Area requirements:

Stiffness Tensile Machine Width = 0.5 meter
Stiffness Tensile Machine Length = 0.5 meter
Stiffness Tensile Machine Height = 3.00/4.50 meter

Utilities requirements:

Maximum Power Consumption = 10 kW
Maximum Compressed Air Consumption = not require

Operators requirement

One person as supervision for all Test Equipment
One person as machine captain per shift


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