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C.F.W Production Line

Continuous Filament Winding Production Line called C.F.W is designed for High GRP pipes production Capacity
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D.F.W Production line

Discontinuous Filament Winding Production Line called D.F.W is designed for the production of GRP pipes with Low investment
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Testing Equipment

Composite pipe Testing Equipment is designed to perform testin perocedure from raw material up to final product
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KHC Special Offer

GRP Pipe Production Line Consumption & Spare Parts

Consumption and spare part is one of most importanc requirment of producer which now provide from KHC even for who had other company production lines.

We are specialist manufacturers & suppliers of consumption and spare parts of different GRP pipe production line and testing equipment consisted of C.F.W Machines ,DFW Machine and all auxiliary and testing equipment.

You can browse Some of most important Consumption & Spare Parts which is a part of our extensive range listed by click on below links

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Our Services are tuned according to our experience from working with our customer. KHC Provide complete range of services throughout the customer project Level.  Services covers the project from start level (mean deciding to establish or developing the Production line) up to the end(known as after sales services), where producers require an  exhaustive serviceWe wide range of services which can classify in below headlines 

Deciding (Before sales) 

KHC Provide different services for companies which require  additional information for running their production ine

Starting & Running 

KHC have wide range of Services which make the running new production line for our customers easier that ever 

After sales services

KHC not leave alone its customers after installation. we have complete set of services help our customer problems.

Non Customer Services

KHC have special services for how have production line from other company and require custom supports in different fields

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We are high-end industrial market where maximum performance and critical applications go hand-in-hand, and where failure is not an option. We use our differentiating technologies to produce innovative composite products and its instruments on an industrial scale, and are constantly pushing the envelope in product performance and production efficiency. KHC is a reliable partner who will help you during all steps from taking a strategic, decision, financial support, choosing suitable technology, construction of equipment, installation, running , training and after sales supports

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