Pipe Rectifying Machine (with mold)


Pipe rectification Machine designed for cut both end of pipe branch (bell & spigot side) when it mount on mold. this will happen to cleaning ends sides of pipe. the pipe branch join area (spigot side) will be grinding to prepare it for installation on side too.

Process Explanation:

The pipe branch come to Pipe Rectification Machine. It's supporting by the support wheels which are driven by the gear box.

Pipe cutting operation starts for both sides, while the pipe is rotating. After procedure finished grooving procedure start.

Grooving motor, belt system and grooving tool set are mounted on a hinged support plate which connected to the hydraulic cylinder. This system start to grinding bell side of pipe to prepare the pipe for installation.


Pipe rectification Machine Powered by control box which make the procedure automatic. also it using the laser measuring system which causing precise cutting. in addition smart protection added to prevent any fault during cutting and grinding process.

Optional Add-on:

Due to grinding and cutting operations, dust is a side product. Dust Suction System or Wate Screen System can be added on machine according to customer requirement.

Area requirements:

Sleeve grooving machine Width = 3 meter
Sleeve grooving machine Length = 14 meter
Sleeve grooving machine Height = 3 meter

Utilities requirements:

Maximum Power Consumption = 30 kW
Maximum Compressed Air Consumption = 6 bar, 1.5 m3/min

Operators requirement

One person as supervision for all Line Auxiliary Equipment
One person as machine captain per shift
One person as machine operator per shift


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