Pipe Branch Transfer Trolley


Pipe Branch Transfer Trolley designed for transferring pipe all around the factory and it will solve the same time transferring multi pipe branch problem all around the production area. trolley have different design type. one is movable trolley and the other type is fix trolley design . 

Process Explanation:

Fix Pipe Branch Transfer Trolley, mounting all around transportation area. it will work by operator start and stop using system. a release support will use in release require can use as temporary stock during different cycle too.

Movable Pipe Branch Transfer Trolley able to transfer branch to any require area. but each trolley is able to handle one pipe at a time. this system not take a lot of area around the production site and have completely adjustable movement. this trolley have release system too.


Control box and remote control system are most important feature which help to manage transportation all around the site. 

Area requirements:

Pipe Transfer Trolley Width = 1.5 meter
Pipe Transfer Trolley Length = 6 meter (Movable model)
Pipe Transfer Trolley = 1.5 meter

Utilities requirements:

Maximum Power Consumption = 5 kW

Operators requirement

One person as supervision for all Line Auxiliary Equipment
One person as machine captain per shift


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