Sleeve Coupling Production Machine


Sleeve Coupling Production Machine is designed to produce the Sleeve couplings against CFW Machine with the same design and quality. Sleeve Coupling Production Machine is very good auxiliary equipment to increase the production Capacity of C.F.W Line with very low investments. and it is because by adding this machine in production line CFW Machines will produce pipe continuously with no need to stopping it for produce Sleeve Couplings.

Process Explanation:

firstly a release film, e.g. polyester film, is wound on the mandrel, followed by a c-veil, both of them supported by proper winders. Glass roving, together with chopped glass, sand aggregate and polyester resin, is applied simultaneously in Different layer, according to design specifications. Finally, a layer of surfacing veil is applied.
The coupling layers can easily be made in compliance with the appropriate design by controlling the quantity and sequence of various materials applied. After the curing , the sleeve is automatically Remove from mold and ready to be grooving.


Advance instrument like choppers, hoop Winder, Sand dosing device, dosing station etc, plus Advance Software of Machine Makes able engineers to producing sleeves couplings according any Design & technology.
This Machine powered by a PLC base control system. All machine instrument, operations and dosing systems are controlling by computer.

Optional Add-on:

Due to customer requirement this machine will equipped to produce the full face sleeve coupling which remove other procedure like grooving .

Area requirements:

Sleeve Coupling Production Machine Width = 5 meter
Sleeve Coupling Production Machine Length = 5.5 meter
Sleeve Coupling Production Machine Height = 3.5 meter

Utilities requirements:

Maximum Power Consumption = 100 kW
Maximum Compressed Air Consumption = 6 bar, 1 m3/min

Operators requirement

One person as supervision for all Line Auxiliary Equipment
One person as machine captain per shift
three person as machine operator per shift


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