Continuous GRP Pipe Production  Machine

CFW Machine

Continuous Filament Winding Machine called CFW machine is designed for the continuous production of GRP pipes.The CFW machine is designed for very high production capacity. It is ideal choice when the GRP pipes are used for water transmission and distribution, desalination plants, cooling systems in power plants, irrigation projects and sewage systems.C.F.W Machine is fully numerically controlled. All machine operations and dosing system is controlled by computer. All production data are available in computer archive.

More than Pipe Production

Production Line Auxiliary Equipment

Sleeve Grooving Machine

Sleeve Grooving Machine designed for sleeve grooving and cutting operation. Sleeves are made from a branch, which is produced on C.F.W Machine or single sleeve produced on Sleeve Coupling Production Machine

Sleeve Joining Machine

Sleeve Joining Machine is designed to join the GRP Pipe with the sleeve coupling. This machine will join one head of pipe with coupling and the other end of pipe will join during installation by other device. The joint is covering all diameter range

Sleeve Production Machine

Sleeve Coupling Production Machine is designed to produce the Sleeve couplings against CFW Machine with the same design and quality. Sleeve Coupling Production Machine is very good auxiliary equipment to increase the production Capacity of C.F.W Line with very low investments. 

Pipe Rectification Machine

Pipe rectification Machine designed for cut the branch of pipe to smaller length for different purpose Like fitting production or  Repair Project. the new small part head will be grinding if require too. Pipe rectification machine able to cutting and Grinding pipe branch between 1 up to 12 meter length.

Pipe Branch Transfer Trolley

Pipe Branch Transfer Trolley designed for transferring pipe all around the factory and it will solve the same time transferring multi pipe branch problem all around the production area. trolley have two kind of design is movable trolley and the other type is fix trolley design

Consumption & Spare Parts

We have long experience in this files so we knows that how much spare parts and consumption equipment is importance for the customers. We are specialist manufacturers & suppliers of consumption and spare parts for Production machines and all auxiliary and testing equipment.

Production line Testing Machines & Instruments

Continuous GRP Pipe Production Line Advantage

‍Production GRP pipe with High Capacity

CFW Production line designed to produced pipe  with high production capacity which other production line technology not able to meet it.

Ability to production wide Range of GRP pipe 

CFW Line Production GRP pipes from dia 250 to 4000 mm, length up to 12 meter, pressure  up to 32 bar and stiffness up to 10000 Pascal

‍Constant quality & low waste production

CFW Line producing pipe Continuously with constant feeding material so final product have constant quality & low waste Production.

Automatic GRP pipe production system

CFW line consisted several machine that all of them are PLC base and computer control and just require operator to work with them


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