Pipe Production Mold


Pipe Production Molds is design to producing GRP pipe on DFW machine. molds length, shape and diameter are designed to Produce GRP pipe according international standards. This mold Producing from steel or steel/GRP material in size range from 80 up to 4000 mm and various length up to 12 meter.


Mold joint to DFW machine are able to adjustable according customer DFW machine joint system like flange joint, Pin joint and etc.

Optional Add-on:

the molds store on an storage frame to prevent any damage on mold surface and Rotary shaft
This Storage System can be added according to customer requirement.

Area requirements:

Complete Molds Set Width = 3.0/4.5 meter
Complete Molds Set Length = 24/36 meter
Complete Molds Set Height = 4.5 meter

Utilities requirements:

Maximum Power Consumption = not require
Maximum Compressed Air Consumption = not require

Operators requirement

One person as supervision for all Line Auxiliary Equipment
One person as transfer operator per shift


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