Sleeve Joining Machine


Sleeve Joining Machine is designed to join the GRP Pipe with the sleeve coupling. The joint is covering the All diameter range and different pipe length from 1 up to 12 meter.

This machine will join one head of pipe with coupling and the other end of pipe will join during installation by other device.

Process Explanation:

The machine is equipped with one fixed frame and one movable frame. fix frame is fixed on main support beams with adjusting option for different pipes length.

The movable frame is connected with hydraulic cylinder that allows the operators to join the GRP pipe plain end to the sleeve.

The pipe and sleeve are joining by inserting between both frames. After assembling, the pipe is unloading by hydraulic supports.


Pipe & Sleeve Joining Machine is an automated machine with protection system to prevent any fault during procedure.

Optional Add-on:

laser screens system in different direction will add to machine. Due to setting up Joining procedure of pipe and sleeve this screens will show the direct of pipes and help to define right  angle of joining. 

Area requirements:

Sleeve Joining Machine Width = 3 meter
Sleeve Joining Machine Length = 14 meter
Sleeve Joining Machine Height = 3 meter

Utilities requirements:

Maximum Power Consumption = 5 kW
Maximum Compressed Air Consumption = 6 bar, 0.5 m3/min

Operators requirement

One person as supervision for all Line Auxiliary Equipment
One person as machine captain per shift
One person as machine operator per shift


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