KHC Provide complete range of services throughout the customer project Level

KHC service level is oriented towards the requirements of the customers.  Our Services are tuned according to our experience from working with our customer. KHC Provide complete range of services throughout the customer project Level.  Services covers the project from start level (mean deciding to establish or developing the Production line) up to the end (known as after sales) where producers require an exhaustive service


We provide all require services to introduce the investment overview,for who plan to run a new production line. this services consisted of Free guidance & consultation, Feasibility study and Business plan preparation

1 :

Services for Clear Deciding

Experience Different Running Services with Us 

We provide running services for our customer according their request. this services are completely adjustable according customer request. below services are available for companies who have other brand machines and production line too.

2 :

Best Running Services

Services for all Production lines even other brands 

we have wide range of support services for companies how have this production line even it was not our brand. we help producer to solve their problem which happening during work, increasing production line performance, upgrading old technologies etc.

3 :

Services for Easier Producing 


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