Consumption & Spare Parts


We have long experience in this files so we knows that how much spare parts and consumption equipment is importance for the customers. We are specialist manufacturers & suppliers of consumption and spare parts for Production machines and all auxiliary and testing equipment.

You can browse Some of most important Consumption & Spare Parts which is a part of our extensive range listed as below:

C.F.W Machine Consumption & Spare Parts

  • ‍Main Production Shafts (Small/Large)
  • ‍Sand dosing system equipment
  • ‍Regulation Shim (spacers between discs)
  • ‍Aluminum Beams in Small, Medium & Large size
  • Pushers for different beams
  • Steel bands in different width and Thickness
  • Sets of Steel Band in different size and thickness
  • ‍Exit heads from 300 up to 4000 size
  • ‍Pushers guide
  • Compaction roller Small/ Large
  • Dynamic & Static mixers Elements for resin & catalyst
  • Dosing pumps for resin & Catalyst
  • ‍Cam plate moving guide
  • ‍Rubbers Roller for Liner and structure choppers
  • Rectify unite elements
  • Disks for Pipe production from 300 to 4000 mm
  • Curing oven lamps
  • ‍Cutter Blades and grinder Grooves
  • ‍Ceramic Eyelets for Roving
  • Control Panel electronic devices

DFW Consumption & Spare Parts

  • Structure winding Sand adding system instrument 
  • Structure winding Compactor Roller
  • ‍Production Moulds in all size
  • ‍Control Panel & Electrical Instruments
  • Dosing Pumps For Resin & Catalyst
  • Resin Bath Equipment for liner machine & structure winding machine
  • Herded power transferring shafts for all machines
  • Pull off Machine Lifting tables 
  • ‍Hydraulic instrument for all devices
  • Any other parts and devices

Auxiliary Equipment Consumption & Spare Parts

  • Laboratory consumption parts & Equipment
  • Pipe Hydro test Machine Caps
  • Sleeve Hydro Test Machine Caps
  • ‍Pipe Rectification Grinders & Cutter wheels
  • All machine Control Panel & Electrical Instruments
  • Sleeve production machine chopper , sands dosing & pumps instruments
  • Sleeves Grooving machine  wheels & rubber rollers
  • Pipe transfer unites wheels for CFW and DFW
  • Hydraulic instruments for all devices and machines
  • Any other part and devices

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